Thursday, September 16, 2010

CGC Finishes for far !

Didn't think we'd be posting September finishes so early...but I have managed to get a couple done and added a couple of things too.


Top Section close can click and then click again to get even closer

Middle section

Bottom Section

Whew...I started this quilt in 1998...didn't have any clue what I was doing...knew nothing about binding, so I made a ruffle...BEFORE the quilt appliques were even thought of!!
I ran into some problems doing the embroidery because it was already quilted...but managed anyway.
Good to finally be able to declare it OFFICIALLY FINISHED!

The next goal that I finished are the Heart Strings Blocks.  They were easy to make.  The only problem I had was that alot of the strings were smaller than 1 inch so I couldn't make as many as I anticipated...there are around 30 here.

Oh, I have the Christmas table runner all ready and waiting to be quilted.

A slight change in quilting my Falling Stars quilt...after pin basting and then machine basting...I took it to my LQS and am having it quilted by them....but first I had to REMOVE all those machine basted stitches...that's one way to FINISH a

I've added a couple of things to my goal list...

This is a peek at something I am working on.  I have been wanting to open an Etsy store for some time now...hope it will happen soon.  Anyway, I was thinking of making some 'storybook' character quilts with the machine embroidered finger puppets or dolls to go with them to offer in Etsy.

This particular one is Cinderella...I'm auditioning some fabric for the Castle and tried out a design for the carriage...which I'm not liking because the gold metallic fabric gets perforated...the little finger puppets are cute.

And how do you like these fabrics????

Dots....gotta love 'em!

I'm following a quilt along!  They'll be some ladybugs in it!

That will be it for now....keep those machines humming....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I have tons of stuff to do...having a really hard time thinking of goals TWO MONTHS in advance for the CGQC!  Here goes.........

Hmmm...where to start?  Well, since participating in the Christmas Sewing Party at Kelly's...I got in the mood to make another Christmas item...a small table runner...I've already started fusing some of the pieces.

I definitely will complete 2 more Simple Thymes BOMs for Sept and Oct...getting close to the end now.

I also would love to start on some of my embroidery items...just filling in and embellishing the FOLK ANGEL QUILT, you might remember it from awhile back.

Also, have 6 blocks from a BOM pattern called HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS...3 need embellishing and embroidery and then have to have the batting and backing added.  I am going to try a 'quilt as you go' method...we'll see how it goes.

I got some 'strings' from Julie K awhile back to make string blocks for HEART STRINGS.  I am finally going to apply myself to making is one that I tried...

I have plans on doing some FM quilting...YIKES

I have the Tree Table Topper that I made at the sewing party,

the Merry Christmas Table Runner that I  have started,

then, of course, there's the Falling Stars Quilt, the Pinwheel Quilt and I'm also participating the the FM QUILT ALONG at a Few Scraps!

I guess that's enough to keep me !!!