Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm Trying to be a Better Blogger !!

I'm going to try for at least 3 posts a month!  Hopefully I can produce some quilty things to fill those posts.  Might keep me motivated.   I'm working on a BIG UFO right now...actually started this quilt in 2004!!

I'm down to the last 5 blocks !!  Yippee !!  Above is the BEFORE....and below is the after...

This is my own version of a micro stippling...actually just filling in the whole area with small stitches...very time consuming and HURTS MY HANDS REALLY REALLY BAD !!

Here is the whole side panel...only 3 more blocks to go.  Trying to work on it everyday.


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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Purple Sampler Quilt

I finished my Purple Sampler Quilt today...I had to get rid of the 'white trapunto blocks'.  They were pretty, but just looked odd to me.  so I used the raw edge (frayed) technique to applicque some large flowers.  I think it came out great...will be putting on Etsy today.

Click the pictures, then click again to enlarge.

Speaking of Etsy...I am so happy...I have sold 3 quilts !!  Doing the happy dance !!!

I started this quilt several years was a workshop of all different applique techniques as well as different background quilting.

Here is where I blogged about this quilt BEFORE....I had used the crayon technique to color in the trapunto...

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Saturday, April 2, 2011


I finally finished this Ladybug quilt.  I participated in a 'quilt along' at Ivory Spring

The quilt has been finished for awhile...just finally did the quilting and binding yesterday.  Came out of the dryer sooooo soft and crinkly.

QUESTION...just wondering...I usually clip my threads BEFORE washing the quilt, this time I clipped them AFTER washing and drying....SOOOOOOOOOO much easier!  The thread
puffs' up and is really easy to grab.

Anyone else do this?

The colors are much truer in the first picture.

Here's the's so darn SUNNY, I can't stand it!

Click the picture and then click again to see up REALLY close!

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