Monday, November 30, 2009

Finishes for November Charming Girls Club

I finished two projects...the Fort Hood Quilt (scroll down a couple posts to see) and the Half Pint Quilt Along...(I deleted my pictures before I saved them...grrr...will retake tomorrow).

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I won a wonderful giveaway from Melisa at Sweet Home Quilt Co.
I was so excited about this fabric...beautiful browns, golds and greens...just love it....Margret liked it too, but of course she would...she's a Chocolate those brownies!! Thanks Melisa.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fort Hood Quilt

At last a finish for the Charming Girls Club...and way before the end of the month.
This quilt is going to one of the injured at the terrible tragedy at Fort Hood. Cherri asked for finished quilts to be given to the injured and survivors of the Fort Hood rampage. She has gotten 15 commitments of the 31 requested...but lots more will be needed to give out. So if you have a finished quilt or can make one...PLEASE go to her site and let her know, she will give you the address to send to her son, who is stationed at Fort Hood, and they will be distributed from there. Here is her blog ..............
There's a little story about this quilt...several years ago my daughter, Tina, who lives in a residence in upstate New York (with 13 other women) was promised a spot in a 3 bed house in Westchester. She was absolutely GUARANTEED this spot. But somehow lines were crossed and it wound up that she didn't get it...not only that but they said they never offered it to her in the first place...not to make a long story out of this...I started this quilt to give to one of the other women as a housewarming...was going to make all 3 of them special quilts (including Tina). But when all this happened it was put aside. I decided to finish it for the Charming Girls project 2 months ago...but because I'm not fond of it, due of the bad memories, the quilting has gone VERY SLOWLY. So when this call came for quilts I quickly got it finished to donate. And now I can finally say IT'S DONE and it is going to someone who could use a little something special right now!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Projects for Charming Girls This Month

Didn't do tooo well last month with my projects. I did keep up with the Half Pint Quilt Along...but I didn't even start working on the Angel baby quilt. On the other hand I worked furiously on the embroidered flowers quilt...with the was mighty hard to quilt and I was unable to finish it.

BUT Cherri from Cherry House Quilts
asked for some finished quilts for the survivors and victims of the Fort Hood tragedy. Her son is stationed there and will distribute to the victims and families. So I have decided to finish that embroidered quilt and send it out on Monday. So that is number 1 project.

I think I will wait on the Angel baby quilt for now. But here is number 2...I need to send in some embroidered items to Smiles For Children. Haven't been embroidering much lately and they have Christmas shipments coming up...check out their site

So then there's project number 3, the Half Pint Quilt Along. This week the top will be all finished.

Have alot to I will cut this real short...back in a day or two with pictures.