Sunday, September 20, 2015

Instagram Link Up for Instagram Selvedges Along

Well finally this Mondo bag is finished.  I made a couple of extra things to go with the bag. is a HUGE  bag, would be really great for the beach or as an overnight bag...even a diaper bag.  I have lots of pictures of the making of this was a lot of fun, even with the Shinges I've had to deal with for 6 weeks now!

Here is the finished bag...


These are the extras.....a removable cardboard bottom, covered with batting and fabric...11"x11".  Also 2 small selvedge bags...a coin/credit card size and a slightly larger bag for....whatever!

It all started with something like this...

I'm really pretty neat saving selvedges...I fold them and put them in  place in this basket.  I have hardly made a dent in these selvedges after making the Mondo bag though!  

NOTE:  You may have noticed a discrepancy in my spelling of SELVEDGES, that's the way I have always spelled the word...but the Instagram group is I go with the flow!!! 

The above picture is after making an untold number of 2 1/2" squares...separately,  I  know I  could have done it another way...but I  didn't.  Anyhow I  got the pieces I  needed in place...but couldn't figure out how to sew it together.  I  went online to a group on Facebook..Just US Quilters...and got tons of info...including how to sew it together....

 I was then able to sew the lining and the straps....and got this far...

At this point I realized how exceptionally large this bag is!  What a great bag to take to workshops....or conferences.

I made 2 large separated pockets and  2 smaller pockets in the decided to make 2 bags to hold the smaller stuff .

Once again, here is the Mondo bag in all it'S glory!

Thanks for looking and have a great day!!!