Sunday, September 20, 2015

Instagram Link Up for Instagram Selvedges Along

Well finally this Mondo bag is finished.  I made a couple of extra things to go with the bag. is a HUGE  bag, would be really great for the beach or as an overnight bag...even a diaper bag.  I have lots of pictures of the making of this was a lot of fun, even with the Shinges I've had to deal with for 6 weeks now!

Here is the finished bag...


These are the extras.....a removable cardboard bottom, covered with batting and fabric...11"x11".  Also 2 small selvedge bags...a coin/credit card size and a slightly larger bag for....whatever!

It all started with something like this...

I'm really pretty neat saving selvedges...I fold them and put them in  place in this basket.  I have hardly made a dent in these selvedges after making the Mondo bag though!  

NOTE:  You may have noticed a discrepancy in my spelling of SELVEDGES, that's the way I have always spelled the word...but the Instagram group is I go with the flow!!! 

The above picture is after making an untold number of 2 1/2" squares...separately,  I  know I  could have done it another way...but I  didn't.  Anyhow I  got the pieces I  needed in place...but couldn't figure out how to sew it together.  I  went online to a group on Facebook..Just US Quilters...and got tons of info...including how to sew it together....

 I was then able to sew the lining and the straps....and got this far...

At this point I realized how exceptionally large this bag is!  What a great bag to take to workshops....or conferences.

I made 2 large separated pockets and  2 smaller pockets in the decided to make 2 bags to hold the smaller stuff .

Once again, here is the Mondo bag in all it'S glory!

Thanks for looking and have a great day!!!


  1. This is such a fun bag! What a great way to show off a bunch of selvages. I love the woven feel of all those little pieces.

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  3. I am in LOVE with your bag! The construction looks tricky - I may have to check out that FB group:)

  4. Thank you Heidi! Actually the construction was pretty easy...just sew the long side to the short side...and there you have it....if you are making one and need some help...just give me a shout!

  5. I.m just in love with this bag. It looks very cool. I'd like to have such one.


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