Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm happy to say that I finished all 4 of my projects for Charming Girls this month!
Below are my blocks for Old Red Barn's Quilt Along...Wild Circles.
I haven't made all the blocks as yet...still more instructions needed. These are just laid down randomly...I haven't cut my blank blocks yet or made all my string blocks...waiting to see what colors I need and where.I chose to paper piece a sunflower rather than have all circles.
Here is a close up of the first 4 blocks...pretty much as they will be in the finished quilt. I have to add the centers to the two bottom parts of the sunflowers...probably today. I just love these strings blocks! So much fun to sew, and I particularly like the design they formed below.
Here is the FINALLY finished Folk Anglel baby quilt!
Only TWELVE years in the making.

Here are close ups of the different sections.

I still need to embroider faces and other embellishment...I'll save that for a rainy day.

I did what I call a 'crazy micro stipple'!!!
My stippling is not the greatest...but this small ?stipple? doesn't look half bad!

I did complete all the quilting on this quilt, which is also from 1998 or 99.
I did cross hatching behind the applique in all the blocks.
Then I did a meandering with some leaf shapes in the outside border.
The sashing was similar but with a loopy loop with leaves.

I found this hard to part because of the polyester batting...slips alot.
However, the weight of the quilt is great.
Also, after washing the 'wrinkle' isn't as nice as with 100% cotton batting.
The next quilt I sandwich together I am going to try the Heirloom 80/20 and see how I like that.

Finally, my last finish was easy peasy....the BOM was very simple to fuse and I used a buttonhole stitch around some of the design...but not the leaves, too small, I just did a straight stitch on the edges.
There is still hand embroidery to add...but that will come another day.
For now ... it's finished!

You can click to enlarge these pictures.
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  1. Beautiful quilts! I especially love the 3rd one. I am way behind you, I just finished my zig zag quilt from round 2 of the quilt alongs,lol!

  2. Anita, I love all that you've done, but particularly like the Wild Circles quilt. Such vibrant colors and I love the unique design. Thanks for sharing.

  3. WOW! those are gorgeous. Can't wait to see your February goals!

  4. Gorgeous quilts. I love the string quilt. Just my colours
    I always use the Heirloom for my machine quilting. It gives a nice finish.

    Well done on all the finishes

  5. Wow! You did good! How nice to have completed all those projects.

  6. WAY TO SEW!! You got so much done! All very pretty -- but my favorite is still the Folk Art Angel quilt--love that one!

  7. Wow! Gorgeous, love those batics. But my FAVORITE! is that lovely applique quilt. I love it!


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