Monday, March 29, 2010

Charming Girls & Guys Finishes for March

                    It's been a productive month for me.
Finished all that I wanted to do.
Even made some softies for Haiti.

1.  The Circles and Sunflowers quilt is all done, quilted, labeled, bound and washed.  I have to say I LOVE IT!  It was a hard quilt to do, especially the quilting, but it was well worth it.

Following are some more detail shots of the quilting, I did a lot of different quilting in each of the blocks.

When it came time to make the back...I decided to make a really Big String Block.

And of course a label too.

2.  The Simple Thymes BOM is really easy to do.

3.  I FINALLY got all those pesky threads cut from the 4 quilts!  Yeah.  The Folk Angel quilt will still need some embroidery embellishment, but that can wait till I'm in the mood.

4.  I managed to do the micro stippling on 2 blocks from the Beyond the Color Purple's moving along nicely.

5.  I've been working on the Twiddletails Pinwheel Party blocks...all done to date.  I'm liking the way these look, I've made small pinwheels where the blank color blocks are, as I may...or may not add them to my Star quilt.

6.  Been also working (a lot) on the stars for my Star quilt...most are paper pieced.  If I follow the original quilt there are 25 12" blocks and 45 6" blocks.  I may combine with the Pinwheel Party blocks...can't decide just yet.  They both look good to me.

7.  Although I haven't sewn anything together on the Around the World Quilt Along Quilt,  I did have them all layed out and decided on a black sashing with small multi color polka dots...didn't take a picture and now the stars and pinwheels are on my design FLOOR!

8.  The labels are all made for the quilts that needed them.

9.  I even made 15 little Sock Monkey Stuffies for Smiles for Children to be sent to Haiti.

I had my issues with the Jelly Roll Sampler...just wasn't able to use the Hello Betty jelly roll that I thought I loved.  Just didn't care for the fabric.  So I had my First giveaway!  It was alot of fun.  Grace (keepsewing) won...she lives in SINGAPORE!!!  Couldn't be ANY further away from South Florida!!!

So, all in all, I'm happy as a clam with what I've been able to accomplish this month and hope that next month is nearly as productive.  Thanks Charming Girls and Guys...I love having GOALS!




  1. Wow, what a wonderful lot of super projects!

  2. My goodness you have been busy! I love your quilt. Absolutely beautiful. Love those little sock monkeys too. Your beyond the color purple is beautiful too. What a feeling of accomplishment you must have! Good work!

  3. Wow! Those projects are absolutely gorgeous. You should be happy! You did well this month girl!

  4. The circles and sunflowers quilt is amazing, I keep coming back to see it again. The colors and the different shapes, just beautiful.

  5. OMGosh - I'd say you had a wonderful month indeed! I love the Circles & Sunflowers - beautiful quilting, too! And, your blocks are so pretty - but, my favorite this month has to be those sweet little stuffies you made for the kids in Haiti! Way to go Anita!!!

  6. Oh my word, your Circles and Sunshne quilt is absolutely STUNNING!! The Quilt as well as the Quilting!! I cannot tell you how much I like it! It's a WOW to me.

  7. You certainly accomplished a lot in March. The Color Purple quilt is gorgeous! Is that from a pattern or your own design?


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