Friday, August 13, 2010


Well all the family is gone and it's back to doing my own STUFF!!
Before I tell you what I've been doing instead of's a picture of myself and my husband and our three children...a good time was had by all.


Before everyone got here I decided to do some 'housekeeping and clean up my sewing room.  I had done the shelves in the closet a few weeks ago, but I really needed to get to the YARN stored on the top of the closet.

Got it all down and I have decided that I am NEVER going to use it.  So I will see if anyone is interested in this yarn.

There are 20 skeins of Cloudspun 2 ply chunky weight 100% Wintuk Acrylic yarn by Mary Maxim.

The yarn was bought to make this sweater.

I even started it with 2 of the skeins...but Florida is just toooooo hot to wear anything like this.

I will unravel what I knitted (unless the buyer wants it like this) and make the yarns into balls.

The original Vogue Knitting magazine comes with it along with enlargements I had made of the pattern.

I don't remember what I paid for the yarn...but I think that $25.00 plus shipping is a reasonable price to ask.  I'm sure that I can squeeze it all into the large flat rate box or I can weight it and ship parcel post if that's cheaper.

This  yarn knits up nice and soft and is in excellent condition...from a smoke free home.

$25.00 plus shipping
20 50 gr skeins acrylic yarn
Vogue magazine
enlarged pattern


I will be posting some more yarn soon.  This time WOOL and perfect for DYEING!

Any questions???  email me

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!
Have a lovely day.


  1. It is gorgeous yarn...and I can't knit to save my soul!

  2. Pretty pattern and yarn! I wish I could knit! Alas, my fingers refuse to do so. ha!


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