Friday, September 9, 2011

Computer Troubles

A few days ago my computer just up and died...can't get it to start...Luckily when my son was here in June he hooked up an old tower.  So I have internet and email...but no printer or camera hookup... so, alas, no pictures to share. 

I'm having a great time putting the homespun plaids string quilt is going so smoothly...I'm really impressed.

My 9 patch blocks came out slightly smaller than the 3 1/2" they are supposed to be...but I'm easily able to line up all the intersections.  Wish I could show you, but I am taking pics for later.

Hopefully I will either connect this old tower to the camera...or get a new computer...either way it will be awhile.

Have a great day!


  1. My computer is on its way out as hang in there!!

  2. I need a new computer too...since I got my new sewing machine, my blocks turn out better size-wise...don't know exactly what the difference is!!


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