Thursday, January 26, 2012


Here is the completed Jewel Box top.  It hasn't been ironed yet.

I wanted to bring out the blue/teal colors in the quilt.  I chose to just continue the actual block in the border...simply because I didn't really know how else to do it.

I'm not as happy with this quilt as I am with the Strings.  I used the darker tan color as the background because I had used the light tan in the String quilt.

It does give the quilt a folksy 'prim' look, but it really is rather dull.

Next is the quilting, but here I am at a standstill.  I want to do straight line quilting, but not sure where those straight lines should be.

I sure could use some advice from all you quilters out there.  So please...any input will help.

You can click twice to enlarge these pictures.

BTW...just had cataract surgery (yesterday)...finding it hard to do stuff right now...and I may have to wait five weeks for the other eye to be done...stupid insurance companies!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for any input you can give me on quilting this...........have a wonderful day!


  1. Your quilt is just fabulous...

  2. First, I love the way you did the border on this quilt. For straight line quilting I think I would first quilt through the diagonal crossing of the small squares. Then if it needs more quilting add stitching on each side of the big squares...again on the diagonal. Just an idea to ponder!

  3. Your border really adds a great visual to this wonderful Jewel Box! Great choices in color too. I'm with straight line diagonal quilting too. It would keep your plaid lines going. Jump in! You've done a prefect job so far, it will finish beautifully ~

  4. I love how you continued the design into the border.


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