Monday, February 13, 2012

Just a Little Too Short!

Binding Shortage

Could you just SCREAM!!!
6 inches that's all....since can't get more of this fabric, I'm going to improvise and add small pieces thru out the binding...hope it works out.

One Week the Jewel Box Quilt all quilted, just need the trim and bind...also make a label.

I quilted diagonally across the quilt. 

Thanks for your input on how to quilt it...all seemed to agree with what had in mind.

I'm working hard on the descriptions for my YARD SALE.  If I get it all together today...I will post it tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest.

Thanks for stopping by.........have a great day!


  1. Love your quilt and also love scrappy bindings, it's just a of work when you come to end and are that little bit short. Well done.

  2. I hate when that happens- and it only seems to happen for the fabric you can't get any more of. Your quilt looks lovely though.

  3. Love the quilt! I have not tried a scrappy binding before but I think it would look great with your quilt top!

  4. I so love that quilt!! Scrappy is so appealing, cozy and full of "good vibes". I have been forced to piece the binding on one occasion and it actually added the spark that was missing (it would have been ok without the piecing, too)! I find the quilting "learning curve" to always be high! Hugs.....

  5. scrappy makes me happy. even a scrappy binding. know you'll love it when it is all done. thanks for sharing.


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