Sunday, January 9, 2011

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That's my daughter, Tina.  She was here for the holidays...went home yesterday...sigh...

Margret wanted to get in the picture too!

This is what the top shelf in the closet looked like before we took it all down and started cutting.  I did the measuring and Tina did the knotting.  We got 12 quilts out of the fleece.  We donated them to Ronald McDonald House in Ft. Myers.

There was one strip of Betty Boop fleece that didn't fit in anywhere....soooo, I got some fun fur yarn and crocheted around the long edges and added fringe to the ends....came out really adorable.  Tina is now wearing it back in New York!

We had a great Christmas and New Years'. 
A belated Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year
to all!

Have a great Sunday!



  1. That is so awesome about your daughter.

    What a way to start the New Years by donating quilts.

    Love your scarf.

  2. How exciting that Tina made the paper - and how sweet of both of you to work so hard to make other's lives better!!! Way to go!!!

  3. Wow, your daughter is famous!! Congratulations!!

  4. What a really nice post - thanks for sharing all your finishes. Judy C


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