Monday, July 13, 2009

Charmin' Girls Quilt Club and CrazyMomsQuilt 9 Patch Block A Day Quilt

Well I have gotten the quilt for the 9 Patch Block A Day Quilt A Long at Crazy Mom's Quilts all pin basted and ready for quilting. I going to quilt diagonally to form 'Xs' using my walking foot.

I also joined the Charming Girl's Quilt Club. This should be post a project or projects that you intend to FINISH that month and then post at the end of the month the finished items. I'm not sure if I'm entered in this month...haven't heard anything. I can't get the button over here...but here is the link...

Also, after having so much fun making the quilt at Old Red Barn I decided to join in on the next quilt...a ZIG ZAG! Already have my fabrics picked out.


  1. Who's doing the zig-zag one? I need to get on that!

  2. I'm loving the 9 patches i'm seeing everywhere!


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