Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quilt A Long Finish and 3 more added!

Here's the quilt...it's a throw size and I made it with SCRAPS that I have in the past just THROWN AWAY!!!
This is the label for the quilt.

I did diagonal quilting...came out pretty good...not one tuck on the back!

Here is the little cutie all folded up nice and tidy!

I have finished my 9 Patch Block A Day with Crazy Mom Quilts...it came out ok...not great at the 'quilting' part, but I'm happy.

These quilt alongs are the most fun! It's like taking a workshop, but you never have to leave your house and...best part...there is no sewing machine, fabrics, thread, scissors, etc, etc to haul around....sooooo I just added 3 more quilt alongs to my ever expanding list of to do's. More about them later...here are a few shots of the FINISHED quilt...
I DID IT AGAIN...POSTED BACKWARDS...GRRRRRRR...i'll get it right sometime...soon!
You can click on pictures to enlarge.


  1. I like your 9 patch quilt. It makes sense to do one a day. I like that idea. Maybe I will find one of them to do. I think you did a nice job on the quilting. Your label is cute. Did you do that on an embroidery machine?

  2. Love your 9 patch, and that label is just too cute! Way To Sew, Anita!

  3. Hi Anita. Thanks for adding my blog to your list (cotton cocktails). I love your blog and all your quilts. I've never come across a quilt along before - I'm quite new to blogging and they sound great fun. Hazel

  4. That turned out very lovely! Can't not like 9 patches!

  5. What an amazing label!!


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