Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Studio Tour

This is a picture looking in from the door. My sewing and embroidery machines are on the left. Computer and office stuff on the right. And next to the door is my cutting table.
As you can see I have wire storage drawers under the counter...great for holding all those fabrics. I have Christmas fabrics, flannels, batiks, FQ, misc, etc, etc.

This is my cutting table...under it I keep a large basket with scraps...I just saw a cabinet in Home Depot that would fit under this really nicely...a kitchen cabinet with a drawer and doors...would hide the mess underneath...maybe I will get it????

Here is most of my fabric stash...I just recently reorganized the fabrics. The top shelf hold FLEECE...gotta do SOMETHING with it SOON!
1. What do you use your space for?
As you can see I use it for sewing, machine embroidery. The room also has our computer so I pay bills, etc. also.
2. What is your favorite thing about your space?
I am happy to have a room away from the rest of the house and can just close the door if it gets too unsightly!
3. What struggles do you have with your space?
Well, I don't like sharing the room with the computer...when my husband is using it...we don't 'fit' too well with the chairs and me going back and forth. AND I wish I had more room for a bigger cutting table!
4. When do you use your space?
Every single day!
5. Share and organizational tip that works.
Well I TRY to keep my fabrics all folded and in order so I can get to what I want when I want it. That doesn't always work though.
SORRY THIS POST IS BACKWARDS!! I can't figure out how to add text BEFORE the pictures and I won't chance doing this over.
Sew the button on the hosting a STUDIO TOUR, check it out. You have to post pictures of your studio space and answer several questions to be entered in the drawing.
BTW...these pictures are completely unretouched!!! I didn't even straighten up first!!!


  1. That is a nice big room and it is so nice to be able to just close the door if you need to.

  2. looks great:) thanks so much for playing!

  3. Wonderful studio. Your closet is SO organized!!!

  4. so great to see your space! i'd love to be able to rummage though your stash.... :)


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