Sunday, May 16, 2010


My ATWQ is finally finished!

Click once, then again to enlarge for detail.

The quilt measures 48"x72".  Since 12" blocks would make a really BIG quilt if they were all on the same side, I decided to put the blocks on both sides.

Here are the additional blocks I made to represent the different states and countries.

I sewed a running stitch from state to state to show the route the blocks took. 

This background fabric was so fitting for Texas.

Originally I was planning on making the whole back of the quilt a Map of the World. 

I printed out all the names on photo fabric...but when I washed the quilt all the printing came out.  Not sure why exactly...I've made up labels with pictures and the ink never washed out???
Anyway, I had to write out the Loop order, but since it was already was not easy and the lines ran vertical.  It's ok though, the names and origins are what I wanted documented.

I added Glaucia's name, even though she dropped out, because my starter block had Brazil in it.

I ran out of room, so I placed this over a large orange snowball block!

The quilt took exactly one year to make it AROUND THE WORLD!!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. It's beautiful, Anita. I love how you finished it!

  2. Oh wow, it is truly wonderful!!

  3. WOW - it's just wonderful, Anita! Wonderful - you're so very creative!! I love what you did with the stitching - and that you put blocks on both sides! Way to sew!!

  4. Wow! It's wonderful! Did you heatset it before washing it? That has always worked for me.

  5. Wow! You are amazing.. What a lot of work and gorgeous!

  6. That is totally awesome! I love that you did front and back.

  7. wow, it looks fantastic!!! what a brilliant idea to do the blocks on both sides.

  8. how exciting!! it looks beautiful. I'm really surprise to see that we actually made it and finished a few quilts already. Mine is one block away!!


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