Tuesday, May 11, 2010


      Kelly, over at Charming Girls and Guys Club,

and Polly, at Aunt Polly's Porch,  

      want us all to share our embarrassing amount of fabric we call our 'STASH' and how we store/organize it.  

Well, here's mine...be warned though...don't expect a glamorous tour...just a mess...but MY mess!!!

Click once or twice to enlarge pics.

Looking in from doorway.  There's my Viking D1 embroidery machine.  The pile of fabric in the center of the picture is mostly from the Star  and Pinwheel quilts that I am working on. 

These wire bins are great...the first 2 hold my fat quarters and smaller pieces.  The one on the right holds my batik scraps, flannel scraps and pieces and in the bottom drawer Christmas fabric.

This is my Brother PQ1500.  It is just a straight stitch machine.  I do all my piecing and FM quilting on it.  The first two drawers in the corner hold my batik yardage...I LOVE BATIKS!!  The bottom drawer has some more flannel and all my 'orphan' blocks.  The right empty drawer...is only empty because all the fabric is scattered around.  The bottom drawer has more Christmas fabric.

Moving on...this is my major STASH.   Actually doesn't look too bad right now.  Pretty neat.  In the lower right hand corner is Margret...she keeps me company while I'm sewing or on the computer.

On this side of the room is my cutting table, shelves and plastic storage drawers.  Yes...somehow I manage to cut on this table...although a challenge at times.  The shelves on the left are for books, magazines, my selvedge collection and current blocks that I'm working on (paper pieced stars, pinwheels, BOMs).

Here's a close up of those plastic drawers.  The ones on the left hold all my jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm packs...I hardly ever use them...because they are just too pretty to cut into.  The drawers on the right hold fabrics I use to make scenic playmats for embroidered paper dolls.  There are fabrics used for sky, water, grass, mountains. construction, etc.

Under the cutting table is more STUFF.  There's felt for the paper dolls, my light box and fabric that I've collected for a 'crazy quilt' in the lower left.  See that empty space on the lower right.....that's where my rug hooking frame was, before I sold it at Kelly's Swap/Sale.   Hmmm, now what can I fill it with?

Now we move on to another area of the house.  This armoire holds my batting on the top shelf, completed scrapbooks on the second shelf...along with a dollhouse book I made last year.  The third shelf holds my completed quilts...really COMPLETELY done!!!  On the bottom shelf right side are Block of the Month WIP's...there's 2 or 3.  On the left are some fleece quickie quilts for donations.

Finally...this is my DESIGN FLOOR...wish it were on the wall somewhere...but...  It probably looks dangerous in front of the door to the pool but actually not even Margret steps on it.  The quilt on the floor right now is the Around The World Quilt, I'm trying out different borders.  I wanted to make a lap sized quilt, so I split the blocks and the quilt will be 'reversible'.  BTW...the upper right corner is where I keep the Beyond The Color Purple Quilt...in progress.


So there you have it...thanks for taking the time to look.........and how about taking a few pics of YOUR stash and how you store it!!!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Great photos. I love seeing other people's sewing rooms. Thanks for sharing! Like you, I have multiple machines (Viking D1, Jamome sewing machine, serger) and a computer, etc. Of course there's the fabric and doo dads. It's always a challenge it keep it all organized. I tend to have a lot of stuff on all my horizontal surfaces, too!

  2. I do like all of your stash, mine is like that also. but don't have as much as you.... but thats away quilter is to post to be.... RIGHT! HAPPY STASHING!

  3. You and I had the same idea for a post....you just beat me to it...I love your stash and will go and look at others...

  4. You've got quite a stash. Love it though. Looks like there's room for everything.

  5. Oh I think I could be very happy at your place...Love your stash.. I can't imagine you are missing anything... way-to-go! My kind of quilter...

  6. YUMMY - what a lovely stash you have!! Not for the faint of heart - you crack me up! It looks great to me! So good to get to see Margaret (is she the one your blog is named for?)! And, I heart your design floor room that goes out to the pool, too! So very pretty all decorated up! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Anita!


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