Thursday, June 3, 2010


I tried rug hooking a while back...1996 to be exact!!  Measures 28" x 23".

Never finished the sampler...but when I sold my frame a month ago...I knew I HAD to get it done.  Only had the sky to do.  I still have to whip the border (gotta research that cause I forgot how).

I was impressed with rug hooking as it really went pretty fast and I was able to get the dogs actually looking like dogs.  But it is kind of messy with the wool strips...even more messy than quilting, if you can believe it.

 It's no great shakes, but I just thought I'd make a quick post of this anyway because I am so happy to have it DONE!

Thanks for stopping by.

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click again to get up close and personal


  1. Did you do your sampler in a class by any chance? It is remarkably similar to a rug I hooked backed in the 90s in a class with Gail Horton here on Long Island. Good for you for finishing it!


  2. Very cute! I like it - but it was more messy than quilting? I better not get into that LOL!


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