Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My two Christmas finishes for Charming Girls

Here are the pictures of the tree table topper and the Merry Christmas table runner as promised.

Is anyone else having a problem with loading pictures with Blogger?  I had to actually POST the table topper picture...then go back into Dashboard to EDIT this post...then I could load the table runner.  I can't put more than one picture at a time and have to post that before I can add another.........SEEMS CRAZY TO ME !  Anyone else having this problem????


  1. I really like these! Super cute and perfect for Christmas! Are the ornaments appliqued??

  2. Adorable, love the Christmas ornament.

    Photos ... I load my photos to webshots, then use linkit to post to blogger. I don't want to buy space on blogger when my photos fill up the alloted space.

  3. Oh wow....turned out wonderfully!!!

  4. Love both the table runner and the table topper!!! I use picasa to load pictures - don't have that problem of loading any more.

  5. No problems loading photos on blogger...
    Everything is loading quickly as always.
    Sorry you are experiencing difficulties.

  6. Those are TOO cute! Very nice job! I use typepad so - can't help! But, hope you get it fixed!


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