Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bonnie Hunter Yard Sale link up

 Happy Easter Saturday everyone!
I am linking up today with Bonnie Hunter's Monthly Yard Sale!!


First up is my Brother 1034D Serger
***SOLD***  $75.00 plus shipping
Sorry to say this Serger and I have to part company.  I never use the poor thing, and it is time to find a good home for her where she will be put to use!
I bought this in September 2003.  Paid over $232.00.  Still have the receipt. 
In the beginning I was sewing some 'flip and sew' quilts for charity and a serger is great for that kind of sewing.
But I haven't used it in some time.  Had it serviced in August of 2010 and never used got around to using it.
It comes with 2 books (the handbook and the techniques book.)

3 CDs (techniques and 1034D instructions
A vinyl cover
3 feet...never used so I don't know what they are for, except the basic on the machine
thread nets,allen wrench, spool caps, cleaning brush
6 cones of thread
I even have the original box...granted it was stored in the crawl space and is a bit musty...BUT the styrofoam pieces are still there and it will ship safely.
Will have to check the shipping...parcel post or UPS...weight is around 20 lbs double boxed.

A Trip 'Round The World 
$4.00 plus shipping 
This book guides you step by step thru the making of this Applique and Pieced quilt.
Inside are all the patterns for 16 different country dolls.

8" x 11" Rotary Cutting Mats
$2.00 each or Both for $3.00 plus shipping
These mats are very convenient to bring to workshops and for paper piecing.

I have several 'specialty' rulers for sale:

***SOLD***  Easy Angle 6 1/2"
$4.00 plus shipping
Cuts half square triangles and squares from 1/2" to 6" without waste, has built in 1/4" seam allowance.
Originally $9.95

No, nothing wrong with's just a reflection!

***SOLD**  Companion Angle Ruler
$4.50 plus shipping
Cut 1" to 10" quarter square triangles, built in 1/4" seam allowance.
Originally $10.95

No, nothing wrong with's just a reflection!

My Favorite Mitering Ruler (4"x10 1/2")
$3.50 plus shipping
Make perfect mitered corners, with instructions.

***SOLD***  The Angler 2
$3.00 plus shipping
Make up to 7 3/4" squares
No need to draw diagonal lines
Fits all sewing machines, built in 1/4" seam allowance.
Never Used!

Disappearing Mark-B-Gone Tracing Paper
$3.00 plus shipping
marks disappear in 24 - 72 hours or can be removed with a damp cloth
Never opened.

***SOLD***   $12.00 plus shipping
These are the notebook PAGES to be put in a vinyl sleeve and your notebook.
An easy, organized way to stitch out all the stitches on your machine.
You actually stitch in the spaces provided on each muslin sheet so that you have a reference how the stitch looks stitched out.
I also include a bunch of muslin pages on freezer paper that I made to try out.
I paid $30.00 (on special sale) when I first got my D1...but never used it.


You can use PayPal or send a check.

email me with your address to figure shipping
sorry this email isn't a link...can't fix it.

Thanks for looking and Happy Easter!

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  1. Is your serger still available?

  2. Do you still have the 'angler' available? I'm interested. You can respond to my comment.

    1. Hi Anita, yes the Angler and the Companion Angler are both available. Which one were you interested in?

  3. I'm interested in the Angler 2 if you don't hear back from Anita.

    Janice S. in TN

  4. Am interested in serger possibly. Could you email me privately.


  5. I am ready to buy the serger.

  6. i if the the angler 2 for 3.00 and Companion Angle Ruler for 4.50 is available and you can combine shipping will you email me at i might want them

  7. Hi, just received your wonderful quilt, thank you so much! Mary

  8. BRENDA and GRANDS18...I should know by 5PM today (Monday) if the serger is sold. Just to let you know...shipping by parcel post should be around $25.00 or so, plus insurance. Thanks for your patience. Anita

  9. RULERS...

    Anita,haven't heard back from you about which item you want

    Janice wants Angler 2

    angchappell wants Angler 2 and Companion Angler

    Cheryl wants Angler 2, Easy Angler and Companion Angler

    I'll wait till 5PM today to hear back from Anita, Janice and angchappell...then they will go to Cheryl.
    Thanks, Anita


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