Monday, April 9, 2012

One Thing One Week Challenge

Boy did this week go fast...........I did meet my goal (late this morning).

Amy's Creative Side

I completed 2 block for the Sew Out Loud (quilters' wordplay) Quilt Along on Flicker


I am finding these blocks incredibly hard to do...they take hours and hours...........I've paper pieced lots before, but I seem to get myself in trouble trying to 'fussy piece' an area and I just can't wrap myself around the 'backwards' thing.  Anyway, I will keep on going.  I've made 4 and I think there are still another 4 as of this week.
And, in the long run, the quilt will be great...the blocks are so adorable!

The other part of my challenge was to make the current New York Beauty block of the week, also on Flicker.
This is also paper pieced.

I'm also trying to finish up my yard sale from this weekend with Bonnie Hunter...........

I'm done for today, I am now going to read a little, not much on TV tonight.

Click twice to enlarge pictures.

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  1. I think your blocks look wonderful! What patience you have to paper piece them!

  2. I find paper piecing to be challenging too. I love the colors in your NYB. The Sew Out Loud blocks are SOOO cute. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the finished paper pieced blocks but making them confuses me so much too. It's that whole backwards thing I guess.


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