Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lots of Finishes....well blocks anyway!

I've been so busy with paper piecing (which takes a whole day or more for just one block)  and making my Bingo game card for May For Bingo and sending off my April Doll Quilt to my swap partner for the monthly Doll Quilters Monthly Swap....so here's lots of photos........

This is the Doll Quilt I made for April...3 Colors...I made a Wonky Zig Zag and sent it off to Canada!

The following blocks are with the Sew Out Loud Flicker Quilt Along.  These are probably the most intense and difficult paper pieced blocks I have ever made....good though!!!
Love every one of them...........
This is a Fabric Stand

A steaming iron...the idea is to use lots of text fabric and sewing related fabric

This is the last one I did...had LOTS of problems with it...very hard, wound up too big and I couldn't use the rest of the block (button jar)

 Sew...I'll be saving it for the back of the quilt!

This is a cute one....warm quilts, happiness, what could be better

Pedal to the Metal..........crazy boot and lots of text!

This is one of the earlier blocks...I think I posted before.

This is the first block I did...very busy, but I'm liking it.

The words 'rip on' weren't showing up too well (in person) so I outlined them with embroidery floss.

This one was just tooooo cute....but difficult to get the 'fussy cuts' in the right place...came out ok.

The zipper would have been one of the easiest...if I hadn't tried to make 'teeth' on the zipper...good thing it was low contrast!

Just 2 more blocks to go...
that about finishes it............CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO ENLARGE


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  1. these blocks are just wonderful...I paper pieced one time and I loved how the block came out, but it was hard work...I love the colors and the theme....I found you on blog train and I am going to follow and visit more....Please come do the same! Melinda


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